About Us


Kimbo SpA is the company founded by the Rubino brothers in 1963 that gave birth to the Kimbo brand, a name that evokes the esoteric origins of coffee beans. A few years later the Kosè brand was also created, a good and inexpensive product. In 2012, thanks to the acquisition of the historic “La tazza d’oro” company from Cagliari, the bars of Sardinia expanded. In 1994, Kimbo took second place in the Italian retail sector in the packaged coffee market, a position Kimbo has held until now. The increasing success is certainly due to the rigorous loyalty, tradition, and excellent quality, but also the strong media presence and investments in the operating infrastructure. This is demonstrated by the Melito factory in Naples, which extends over 40,000 m2. The modernization of equipment and production processes takes place here continuously. This guarantees that the very high production standards will be achieved in strict compliance with environmental regulations. Since 2009, Kimbo has also been a pioneer in terms of integrated logistics with the Kimbo hub (18,000 m2) at the Nola goods distribution center.


Kimbo’s mission is to spread Italian coffee in the world and to make a quality product available on the national market and abroad, inspired by the Neapolitan tradition, originally made in Italy, produced with the most advanced technologies, in harmony with people and the environment. We work with commitment and passion to preserve and highlight the uniqueness of the Italian espresso, evaluating the evolution of customs and tastes in order to always offer a contemporary product.


It has always been Kimbo’s goal to be the reference point for coffee lovers in Italy and the world, to evaluate the culture and timeliness of coffee by expressing the uniqueness and tradition of Neapolitan coffee.

The pleasure of making a coffee for everyone, but not for everyone, dedicated to those who appreciate the richness of nuances, the differences, the peculiarities that give the necessary respect to every single coffee of the day.


Even before Kimbo existed, the Rubino brothers always strived for excellence, knowing that quality always wins. Kimbo’s commitment to quality begins with the coffee plantations: it is the quality of the raw materials, the factories, and the technologies, the clever blending, the traditional roasting, the perfect packaging to preserve all the properties that make Kimbo a unique coffee. And above all, it is the quality of the people who work to ensure all of this.


If you want to make your own business out of coffee, it is advantageous to be born in Naples: there are a very long experience and a unique tradition. But it also represents a responsibility: these riches that are passed on must be made fruit, honored, and made to grow. It is a personal commitment shared by everyone who works with us. It’s a lot more than a business, it’s a calling.